Tuyaux Aston


The market’s first certified stovepipe

The certification and regular monitoring of our production by the Warnock Hersey Testing Laboratory means that our entire range of stovepipes, accessories and other products are top-quality items that meet all building safety codes.

The first single-walled stovepipe and heat shield certified for the Quebec market

The entire series of single-walled piping and heat shield products offered by Aston are the first of their kind to be certified for sale in Quebec. Rigorously tested in keeping with ULC Standard S641 by Warnock Hersey, our products are your guarantee of superior quality, durability and performance.

Before making the decision to purchase stovepipes and heat shields, consider the issue of safety and look for the certification label proudly displayed on our products.

2100 stainless steel insert

Our chimney inserts are carefully manufactured with high-quality stainless steel sheeting and are certified by Warnock Hersey according to ULC Standard S635. This is your assurance of the highest degree of durability and performance, as you can rightly expect.

The great care we take in the production of each component, under the watchful eye of a Warnock Hersey inspector, makes Aston’s 2100 stainless steel insert a quality product far superior to anything available from the competition.

Our 2100-stainless steel insert is certified to replace refractory tile in masonry chimneys.